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Shell and Section Fabrication

Shell and Section Fabrication

Efficiency and quality through the production line

Specially designed solutions for shell and section manufacturing ensures efficiency and quality through the production line. PEMA solutions cover all the welding and material handling needs during the phases. Solutions can be used from monopile, transition piece, tripod and quadripod subassembly production to full length monopile joining.

Building the Structures

Monopile type of foundations includes two heavy weight section, monopile itself and transition piece that connects pile to turbine tower. In order to first build and then join these huge sections together, you can either use a single can process or utilize sub stations for joining multiple cans. Whatever process is chosen, Pemamek has the equipment to carry it out. PEMA's range of solutions include welding stations, for internal and external longitudinal and circumferential welding. The productivity of external welding can be further improved by employing PEMA WS welding platforms for the simultaneous welding of multiple or more joints.

Handling the Structures

Drawing on its experience in supplying extremely heavy applications for shipyards and offshore industry, PEMA developed special carriers for the sideways transportation of wind energy structures. Combined with PEMA rollerbeds on rails, these carriers allow the completed monopiles and transition pieces to be transported both within and away from the production area. This limits the need for high-capacity overhead cranes.

PEMA Transportation systems for wind tower sectionsPEMA Transportation systems for wind tower sections

Alstom Brasil Energia e Transporte Ltda ordered PEMA welding automation equipment for wind mill tower production special grounds being that Alstom had good proven experience in their production plant in Spain.

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