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Plate Fabrication

Plate Fabrication

The blasting and cutting of plates

Monopile foundations are the most common offshore wind tower foundations.Regarding foundations, the diameter and thickness requirements for monopile and transition pieces have increased due to the growing size of turbines. The newest designs are up to 9 m diameter and 120 mm thickness.

With the PEMA plate prefabrication line, you can manage new demanding structures and even make more. Large diameters and material thicknesses demand effective prefabrication and plate joining solutions. PEMA solutions integrate everything from plate conveyors to groove milling and welding.

The plate production line can be delivered as a turn-key package including plate prefabrication, cutting and conveyor transportation.

Stages of the plate joining
  • Plate prefabrication
  • Short edge cutting
  • 1st side welding
  • 2nd side milling
  • Flip over plates
  • 2nd side welding

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