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PEMA CM 55 milling machine

PEMA CM 55 milling machine

Advanced PEMA CM 55 milling machine improves your welding efficiency and quality, but also significantly reduces defect rates. The machine is an ideal solution for milling circular seams and root opening in thick walls. 






"With the abilities to mill efficiently and precisely, CM 55
guarantees a revolutionary quality for circumferential seams. New innovations provide statistics that have not been seen before."


Teemu Tolonen, Product Specialist, Pemamek Ltd.

PEMA CM 55 is an advanced milling machine for joint preparation of circumferential seams that enables you to improve your welding efficiency and quality, but also to reduce defect rate. The milling depth can be up to 140mm while providing 55kW spindle power.

The depth control is equipped with high accuracy servo slide and sensor feedback. The main frame is supported and levelled with hydraulic legs. Milling machine has lifting points that enable easy moving.

With PEMA CM 55 you are able to have precise groove preparation and root opening even in the thickest walls. Through innovative technology used in CM 55 you will improve your welding quality dramatically and gain efficient, yet easy milling process.


Conventional thermal cutting VS. PEMA CM 55 milling 

CONVENTIONAL THERMAL CUTTING                                                                                






 Oxy-cutting for both bevels
 Welding of inside and outside bevel
 Possible arc gouging between welds







• Only oxy-cutting for inside bevel > SAVE TIME
Outside milling > REDUCE IN DEFECT RATE
Welding of semi-narrow groove > LESS WELDING



PEMA CM 55 main features:
  • Can be integrated to welding line
  • Portable hydraulic leveling
  • Automatic depth control
  • Video monitor system
  • Can be connected online


Enhanced with PEMA technology:
  • Library for milling parameters
  • Integrated material handling and welding solutions
  • Fast setup time 
  • Graphic control system


Stand out from competitors with PEMA solutions

With Pemamek you are able to implement your complete production line. Our experience in optimizing production flow combined with your knowledge brings out the best solutions and practices to boost your productivity. Each solution is tailor-made for your needs by using our extensive know-how. 


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