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Complete Solutions for the Entire Manufacturing Process

Complete Solutions for the Entire Manufacturing Process

PEMA is a reliable and experienced partner for large-scale welding automation investment projects.

The company's global presence, strong engineering force, focused business lines, and active and continuous R&D provide flexibility to create innovative welding automation solutions for the wind energy industry.

From Consept to Life - Cycle Support

PEMA's support service extends far beyond the delivery of its solutions. The company invests in long-term relationships to ensure that customers get the support they need and the business results they deserve. PEMA provides maximum support to minimize the downtime of the delivered solutions. Its maintenance packages ensure extended product lifetimes and reduced, estimable operational costs. Service packages such as remote diagnostic services and process data logging further optimize the productivity of customers' processes.

In PEMA Wind Energy production lines, premium quality is a standard. As safety and quality are critical factors both onshore and offshore, PEMA uses its decades of experience to offer high-quality products.

Understanding the needs of our customers, reliable equipment, modern processes and the constant development of our products are key when it comes to securing business.

Constantly developing our solutions and close cooperation with our customers helps us to create even more flexible and efficient equipment for wind energy fabrication needs.

PEMA is recognized for its long-term cooperation and key-customer thinking. This concept includes full lifetime support services and retrofit projects. The fact that some of our very satisfied customers have included PEMA products in their production lines for over twenty years is a testament to this.

PEMA is able to provide lay-out and productivity studies right from the early stages of your investment plans. Close cooperation with the customer guarantees that the equipment, solution and services will be provided according to specific customer needs.

Turn-key delivery enables radical changes and the shortening of production start-up times when integration is planned and tested in one place with one supplier.

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