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Steel Structure Manufacturing

Steel Structure Manufacturing

The challenges in steel structure manufacturing are mainly due to the immense sizes of steel structures that need to be handled, the timescales involved and the need for maximum safety.

PEMA’s integrated solutions are ideal for steel structure manufacturing of units and elements, such as building frames, bridge blocks, crane box beams and harbour structures. They increase end-product safety and durability, reduce customer costs, minimise business risks caused by poor-quality welding and ensure timely completion of projects.

With the utilisation of direct design 3D-CAD data and operator programming in steel production, PEMA solutions provide a high level of automation utilization, production flexibility and a revolutionary increase in efficiency.

Companies in the civil steel construction industry can receive a boost in productivity by using PEMA's unique welding automation solutions, robotized welding automation systems and engineering solutions. Our solutions range from single pieces of equipment to complete production lines and factory packages that include all core equipment required in a production facility.

Our product portfolio includes solutions for all common production processes, starting from standard off-the-shelf solutions, such as a oneside butt welding station or robotized sub assembly welding station, right through to engineered complete production automation systems.

Production lines that are always tailored to improve the competitiveness and productivity of production are increasingly used to improve the productivity of our customers.


  • Project Management and Installation Services

Professional project management teams guarantee smooth coordination between all parties involved in the project. Site services with installation management and testing save assembly time and costs, ensuring the smooth and uncompromised commissioning of the final set-up.

  • Modernization and Upgrading

PEMA Customer Service helps you to determine when and how to modernize your production equipment. Customer Service specialists carry out thorough inspections of your production equipmetn and report on the actions needed.

  • Local Support Services

PEMA offers maintenance services, spare part packages and full-scale customer support that minimize downtime and costs. All automated welding systems and workpiece handling equipment are covered.

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