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Pipe Welding

Pipe Welding

The pipe welding gets a boost in productivity.

The pipe welding gets a boost in productivity when PEMA's prefabrication systems, workpiece handling equipment, roller beds, welding column and booms, robotised welding automation systems and engineering solutions are utilized.

Productivity Through Flexibility and Efficiency

PEMA modular welding automation solutions for pipe shops provide high level automation utilization and pipe handling that leads to an increase in production flexibility and a greater efficiency of material flow in pipe spool welding.

The effective handling of heavy pipe sections is as important to productivity as the welding process itself. With the right combination of PEMA tailor-made, easily controlled processes for pipe manufacturing, you can multiply your productivity, quality, motivation and safety using proven manufacturing methods.

We are ready to commit ourselves to your project from its initial stages right up to the start of production and far beyond.

Modular product ranges provide a solid basis for our flexible customer oriented concept design, from small scale welding cells up to massive production line solutions.

Some of the products are standard off-the shelf solutions such as  pipe cutting for pipe shops, pipe end beveling stations, flange clamping systems, welding positioners, roller beds and welding column and booms.

Pemamek delivered highly advanced Column and Booms to Technip in Norway the leading subsea engineering contractor on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.
Pemamek on toimittanut edistyksellisen hitsaustorniratkaisun Norjan Technipille, joka on johtava merenalaisten putkistojen toimittaja Pohjanmerellä.

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