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Semi-Automated Panel Production

Semi-Automated Panel Production

Simple, flexible and lasting solutions for ship builders who build all kinds of vessels.

Simple, flexible and lasting solutions for ship builders who build all kinds of vessels. PEMA offers variable solutions for every stage of the panel line. By varying these machines, the number of welding heads and handling devices, the customer can achieve productions of up to 80,000 tons annually through the line. Shipyards who utilize panel lines with constant production flow principles have increased their production capacity. In addition to increasing productivity, PEMA lines improve panel quality, reduce throughput times and provide better working conditions for the welders.

Plate Butt Welding

  • Two-sided or one-sided butt welding

Panel Handling Devices

  • Panel handling devices - flip-over system or rotation system roller/chain type conveyor

Final Welding

  • Welding webs etc. there are manual and robotic solutions

Web Assembly

  • Crane type manipulator or rotating beam

Stiffener Fillet Welding

  • Multi wagon or multi-tool, 2-16 simultaneous arcs

Stiffener Mounting and Tack-welding

  • Rotating or fixed mounting beam with magnetic clamping and hydraulic pushers - up to 4 tack welding heads
Pemamek Oy Ltd has agreed on design, construction and delivery of a flat panel line for Baku Shipyard LLC from Azerbaijan.
As a part of Seaspan Shipyard's modernization project, Seaspan selected PEMA welding automation equipment for their panel production.

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