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Panel Fabrication

Panel Fabrication

Process solution for all of the phases

A high-quality welded product is always a combination of good material flow, quality seam preparation, correct welding process, trusted control and follow-up testing using high-end machinery

Our years of experience in steel production and shipyard automation gives us good basis from which to navigate through the endless map of combined processes, and choose the best, most cost effective process for your products.

Using 3D production simulation we can also provide you with an optimized material flow.

The best weld is less weld

Because of continuously increasing quality requirements, there are several auxiliary process phases before the final quality weld. The following processes are equally as important as welding: milling, surface cleaning, reference line marking and profile cutting. With good seam and surface preparation and automated fit-up, welding time is reduced, quality is improved and the consumption of welding consumables decreases.

You can have all these processes in a turn-key delivery from us.


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