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Shipbuilding and Offshore

Shipbuilding and Offshore

PEMA innovative solutions make it possible to increase shipyard's production capacity and gain competitiveness in the market

Extensive Experience Guarantees Ability

PEMA’s knowledge of the mechanization and automation of modern
shipbuilding and offshore industry steel production has a 40 year history. Decades of cooperation with the industry has resulted in the development of PEMA’s tailor-made prefabrication and production lines and automatic welding stations. A leading supplier in this field, PEMA enables its customers to profitably manufacture even the most demanding product types, such as thin-sheet panels and high double-bottom constructions.

Productivity Through Flexibility and Efficiency

PEMA welding and prefabrication solutions provide a high level of automation utilization leading to increased production flexibility and greater efficiency in the flow of steel production materials. With shorter throughput times, productivity is increased, and thanks to enhanced ergonomics, operator comfort and safety are also improved. The result is a more motivated workforce and a higher quality output.

Productive Solutions for Productive Sites

New PEMA innovative solutions make it possible to increase the shipyard’s production capacity and grow as competitors within the industry.

PEMA designs and manufactures shipyard production and welding automation solutions, from the single piece production used in repair yards to high level mass production, providing the ideal solution for every need. For bigger projects, improved productivity is the common target for both PEMA and the customer. The main goal for large projects is to improve labor skills in balance with the utilization of modern automation technology in traditional shipbuilding environments and new emerging markets.

The utilization of modern welding processes ensures improvements to quality
while at the same time reducing work hours in block assemblies. This reduction is due to minimized distortions, reducing the total man hours per ton of steel constructions produced. With the help of PEMA, you can expect an organized analysis of production planning and a practical work brekdown analysis, both of which can be used as a basis for organizing cost effective steel production and time savings by means o foptimized automated processes.

Our process output variations from single piece to mass production, are performed by a modular product family: there is a large range of different solutions for the same task, but each has a different capacity.

In-house automation projects
  • Global customer base - from small entities to large corporations
  • Local and global presence through global network and local partners
  • Partnerships with key players in production technology and in the field of technology as a whole
  • Premium R&D resources improve capabilities to get the most out of automated manufacturing processes
  • Innovative, process-oriented R&D for customer activities
  • World-leading expertise in welding processes make PEMA the most advanced automation provider

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