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Special Purpose Machinery

Special Purpose Machinery

When there is a manufacturing demand for high production volumes, specially engineered machinery is the solution.

No matter how small or large the customers' products are, as long as there is a clear demand for dedicated welding automation, PEMA is ready to offer outstanding, tailor-made solutions for our customers' needs.

The special purpose machinery is designed for either one type of product or one type of process and therefore the solution can only be optimized for which it was designed.

Special-purpose machines are developed in cooperation with the customer. The process is often iterative and takes several rounds of discussions between PEMA and the customer, with R&D work from PEMA being cairried out between these discussions. By working this way, the result corresponds with the original requirements. Pemamek puts its experience to work and combines proven technologies with newly developed solutions, thus creating unique solutions to meet customer needs.

For example, by combining several manufacturing processes in one piece of equipment, such as transporting, milling, handling, two different welding processes and quality control by laser measurement, a very effective system can be created. The controller software for special purpose machines is always developed in-house for each new issue and as such, can be localized to meet the customer's needs and requirements regardless of the geographical location of the production plant.

The close cooperation between PEMA and Lincoln Electric provides the customer access to the latest, most productive arc welding technologies, such as SAW welding with multiple wires and narrow pass SAW applications, as well as to many different MAG-process variants. PEMA also delivers hybrid welding applications with Laser-MAG-processes. Equipment for welding torches, wire feeding systems, sensors etc. is selected and developed on a case-by-case bases if required.

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