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Boom Welding

Boom Welding

PEMA Boom Welding Automation and Flow Control offers clear benefits for manufacturers

Besides the conventional benefits, the use of automation offers much more, benefits can be seen, for example, in boom manufacturing. The development of steel properties affects the future of the mobile machinery industry more and more. High-strength steel offers clear benefits for the end user and the number of applications is increasing.

Mobile crane boom as a product should be weight and strength optimized. Durability and the ability to withstand dynamic loads are amount the top priorities for the product design. High-strength steel yields strengths typically ranging from 450 MPa to 960 MPa, offering ideal material properties for crane boom designs.

The material properties, as well as the end product requirements, set new challenges for production process. The smallest allowed bending radius and the forces used for bending and strictly controlled welding parameters are among these processes. If the production volumes are high enough, there is no doubt that only automated process can meet the capacity specifications while maintaining the strict quality requirements at all times.

For example, controlling the heat input during welding is critical, because a heat input that is too low can result in hydrogen cracking, but on the other hand, a heat input that is too high, results in lowered impact strength in cold environments.

With automated welding processes, bending, joint preparation, welding, cutting and inspection are repeated each time with the same parameters and those parameters can be constantly monitored for quality deviations.

Boom production for Productive Plants

Plate prefabrication and Bending

Plate prefabrication: cleaning and straightening for consistent bending quality.

Bending for specific radius with one bed - no-stop bends. Automated plate positioning.

Laser cutting for best possible groove preparation. 100% penetration required -> precise cutting by laser weld. Fast cycle time, less than 5 min/piece.

Accessory Welding

Ready prepared end pieces are welded to the frame with a robotized MAG process. All stations have similar programs to ensure flexible production. Robotized welding enables deeper penetration, constant quality and higher quality for critical welds.

Gibbet End Cutting

Preparation of holes and grooves for accessory welding and length tolerance.

Plasma Cutting Process

Flexible rotation system enables all details to be cut with one fixture.

Assembly and Welding for Longitudinal Seams

Half gibbets are positioned automatically. The groove is inspected by a laser scanner.

Robotized Tandem MAG Welding

Very precise positioning and controlled heat input is key to a geometrically correct end product. This decreases installation costs at final stages.



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