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Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions

Our know-how in heavy-duty welding applications opens new possibilities for boiler manufacturers.

Robotized applications can be equipped with multi-process systems, including SAW. We have delivered a number of flexible production cells which can be utilized in demanding boiler part manufacturing. Robotized welding increases productivity and decreases labor costs. Gantry-type panel welding machines are designed for special constructions and pre-bent tubes and fins.

PEMA Gantry-type Panel Welding MachinePEMA Gantry-type Panel Welding Machine
Gantry-type panel welding enables welding of special constructions which cannot be welded in stationary panel welding lines. The gantry method can also be used to weld extremely wide panels, so that subpanel production is carried out by a stationary panel welding machine. 


Take Advantage of PEMA
  • Experience of robotized applications in other industrial solutions
  • Possibility to build multi-process solutions
  • TIG/WIG/SAW/MIG combinations
  • Precise and highly automated equipment

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