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Industrial Boilers

Industrial Boilers

Providing both Flexible and Efficient Equipment for Boiler Manufacturer Needs

In the production of critical components, there is absolutely no room to compromise on quality. Therefore, quality must be built into the production process. In PEMA production lines, solid and robust quality comes as standard. With several decades of experience behind us, PEMA understand that safety and quality are critical factors in the boiler industry.

Working for a long time in this highly advanced sector has made us the leading manufacturer of automated welding systems for boiler industry. Understanding the needs of our customer, reliable equipment, modern processes and the constant development of our products are key when it comes to securing business. With PEMA welding equipment for membrane wall panels, tube welding and cutting, tube prefabrication etc. you get the most of your production.

PEMA is recognized for its long-term cooperation and key-customer thinking. This concept includes full lifetime support services and retrofit projects. The fact that some of our very satisfied customers have included PEMA products in their production lines for over twenty years is a testament to this.

PEMA is able to provide lay-out and productivity studies right from the early stages of your investment plans.

PEMA Wide Production Range
  • Water tube panel welding lines
  • Special geometry panel welding gantries
  • Economizer welding line
  • Tube welding and bending lines for tube shops
  • Robotized applications for complex constructions
  • Column and boom solutions for cylindrical pressure parts
  • Robotized applications for general steel constructions
  • Material storage and prefabrication systems

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