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Welding Rollerbeds

Welding Rollerbeds

Essential for welding of cylindrical work-pieces.


Versatile PEMA Rollerbeds provide assistance in the handling of containers, tubes, pipes and other revolving objects during welding, painting or assembly. By means of a rollerbed, the piece can always be placed in the most advantageous working position. The use of rollerbeds also reduces set-up times to the minimum.

The loading capacities of our rotational rollerbeds range from 10 tons up to 1600 tons. All our clients will be able to find the most appropriate solution for their needs from our comprehensive selection.

Durability, operational reliability and safety are all common to PEMA rollerbeds. Made to comply with the most demanding conditions of different machine shops, the rollerbeds fulfil the latest European EN work safety regulations.



  • Essential for welding of cylindrical work-pieces
  • Quality improvement - less finishing and repairing
  • Accuracy, safety and ergonomy
  • Can be equipped with rail cars and other accessories for efficient production material flow
  • Conventional and self-aligning types
  • Loading capacities up to 1600 tonnes

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