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Welding Positioners

Welding Positioners

Work-piece handling positioners

In welding work, positioners are convenient aid in increasing working flexibility, productivity and quality, not to mention labour motivation.

The main advantage of positioner utilisation is the fact that work-pieces can always be set up to the best possible welding positions. As a result welding productivity can be raised by as much as 70 percent. Welders also appreciate added ergonomic working comfort.

Extensive range

For effective welding work, Pemamek has developed a wide range of positioners that all combine modern design with reliable, efficient technology. In PEMA design, special attention has been paid to safety-at-work and ergonomy. Convenience in use is ensured by several features, such as a light remote control.

PEMA positioner capacities range from 250 kg up to a massive 70 000kg. Thanks to this wide range, each user is able to find an ideal positioner for their needs.

Welding Positioners facts
  • Fast welding in down-hand positions
  • Optimum welding parameters
  • Quality improvement - less finishing and repairing
  • Accuracy, safety and ergonomy
  • Four product families
  • Loading capacities up to 250 tonnes

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