Make More with Welding Automation

EHD 10x10

Extra Heavy Duty series

PEMA EHD is an extra heavy-duty column and boom series for very demanding welding automation purposes. Always built to fulfil specific customer production requirements, PEMA EHD column and booms are perfect solutions especially for heavy SAW welding in tailored welding hard automation cells.

Main features 

PEMA EHD 10x10 size is 10 x 10 meters (column movement x boom movement). PEMA roller beds and positioners readily integrated to PEMA EHD column and booms to form customer-specific, modulated hard automation cells for very heavy steel production. With this kind of combinations, automated welding of work pieces can be carried out reliably and to highest standards of productivity and welding quality.

The EHD series column and booms weld both longitudinal and circumferential seams: the column, boom and rail movements are all motorised. In addition to column and boom movements, welding is also possible with boom movement and, as an option, with movement on rails. In addition to all SAW processes, strip cladding and different narrow gap applications can be integrated.

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