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Welding Column and Booms

Welding Column and Booms

Ideal equipment for every automation solution

PEMA Column & Booms are developed to improve productivity and meet the standards of high quality production. Completed with required standard welding modules and accessories, PEMA C&B complement even the most demanding hard automation solutions.

PEMA welding booms are designed in close co-operation with the best professionals. The extensive experience in designing and manufacturing welding automation solutions has been a key factor in the development process. Designed to the same high quality standards as PEMA roller beds and positioners, PEMA column and booms fulfil the requirements of the European EN-safety norm.

Modularity provides flexibility

PEMA Column & Booms have a modular construction. Depending on the employed welding process, used material and the geometry of manufactured products, every C&B can be modularly tailored to best suit the task at hand. In addition to the dimensions, e.g. the welding equipment, cross slide, welding head mounting, flux handling in case of SAW, wire reel size and position, seam tracking method, etc. are selected to optimise the device for maximum productivity. Characteristics in both rotation and tilting, but also their massive frames ensure safety at all times.

  • Ideal for hard automation welding solutions
  • Flexible, modular construction
  • Wide selection of accessories
  • Advanced and modern user interface
  • Three product families, tens of reach combinations up to 10 x 10 metres

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