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Assembly Stations

Assembly Stations

PEMA TW Series Assembly Stations

The new-generation PEMA TW series assembly stations based on self-aligning PEMA rollerbeds significantly improve the efficiency and quality of the production of heavy tubular structures, like vessels and windmill towers.

The assembly station consists of a jig-type assembly unit with powerful hydraulic adjustments and a set of rollerbeds. Together with a PEMA column & boom, automated welding of work pieces can be carried out reliably and to highest standards of productivity and welding quality.

PEMA assembly station increases productivity, quality and efficiency in welding to the next level. This has been proven several times in industries like wind tower, tank, process and pressure vessel manufacturing being definitely the key element in production.

PEMA TW Assembly Station is
  • Essential for automated welding of tubular structures
  • Giving more production capacity with a single operator
  • Improving quality - less finishing and repairing
  • Reducing set-up and handling times as well as required crane capacity to minimum
  • Increasing working safety

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