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Welding Automation in Steel Building Production

Welding Automation in Steel Building Production

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Our four decades of experience in welding automation solutions and Multi-Arc SAW welding is widely used in Civil Steel Construction Industry.

Demanding quality requirements and the mass production of steel beam structures can be achieved through the use of uncompromised production equipment, ensuring a stable and fully controlled welding process. PEMA has solid experience in building large-scale, high-precision machinery and in harsh operating conditions. Furthermore, our expertise in material handling and the full integration of modern, digitally controlled Submerged Arc Welding equipment helps to create the most advanced machinery for the daily needs of steel beam production facilities. These solutions create a combination that ensures an increase in productivity, solid quality and uncompromised safety.

The integration of several Multi-Arc SAW carriages into one advanced system to control the welding process and welding speed is something we have studied as part of solutions for our customers in the industry. Robotized welding solutions for complex beam assemblies and trusses bring production automation into a new era.

Crane Girder Box Beam Production

Over the last 40 years, PEMA has developed an effective sub assembly fitting and welding machines with automated or robotized welding. With PEMA WeldControl System, an efficient robot welding process is easy to start up and adopt.

Bridge Box Beam Production

PEMA has developed full production concepts to make box beam constructions with a highly automated assembly and welding system. The main idea is to minimize the floor space used and increase automated process tasks without increasing the complexity of the user environment.

H-Beam Welding Line

PEMA H-Beam systems provide a flexible means of manufacturing different size H-profiles. The standard solution consists of a heavy assembly table and stationary welding station with pre-bending and welding capabilities. The system is modular. For example, you can start with just the station and build up to a system with automatic assembly, welding turning and flange straightening devices. The system is also open to any kind of arc-welding process.

Open Bridge Block Solutions

By combining good practice with premium PEMA technology, you can reduce production time using effective and easy-to operate automation. PEMA open bridge block solutions include longitudinal stiffener and web assembly stations, robotized welding stations and manual finishing stations as well as safety and reliable transportation solutions.



PEMA Solutions
  • Fully streamlined material flows
  • Safe and efficient handling of large components
  • Cutting-edge welding processes

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