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Crane Shop

Crane Shop

Crane Shop

The manufacturing of three-dimensional components, such as box-shaped beams, has traditionally been completed manually. We provide solutions for automating the assembly and welding of complex structures as well as more straightforward sub assemblies.

We have dedicated steel fabrication solutions for the welding of heavy box beams and girder beams, which are typically used in onshore and offshore crane construction.
Plate butt welding, profile and diagraph assembly and a combination of welding solutions as well as special welding automates for box assembly and fillet welding can be selected from our wide range of standard modular product families.

Various welding processes such as automated and robotized GMAW for root pass and filling up welding and Multi-Arc SAW welding for plate butt welding and heavy-duty fillet welding are integrated into our Civil Steel Construction production equipment.

Dedicated production machinery has been developed to fulfill the technological needs that are required to automate the welding of different size box beam geometries and designs. You can select the most appropriate production machine or full production line from a wide range of PEMA production equipment solutions.

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