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Bridge Construction

Bridge Construction

Welding and Production Automation for Bridge Manufacturing

PEMA high-tech flat bridge panel production lines provide the ultimate efficiency in steel production. Uncompromisingly tailored to fulfill our customer's needs, they offer superior output capacity and overall productivity with a minimum amount of operators required. 

Best quality, highest capacity, less distortion

Proven technological innovations in plate joining, stiffener assembly and welding, and fully automated and robotized high-tech solutions can be directly integrated along with PEMA WeldControl into the design and manufacturing data systems. The accurate, clean and straight dimensions of the pre-fabricated components and sub assemblies allow for high-speed and high-quality welding of thin sheets as well as for heavier plates.

Integration to TEKLA BIM programming

The construction industry implements more and more building information modelling (BIM) processes into their daily operations. Manufacturing is one process that benefits greatly from this digitally generated shared knowledge base. PEMA provides software solutions that link BIM data seamlessly with production equipment on the shop floor. As a result, one-of-a-kind project components can be manufactured with the highest possible automation level.

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PEMA WeldControl 400 Integro

PEMA WeldControl 400 Integro with TEKLA CAD Integration

  • PEMA WeldControl 400 Integro software can be integrated with TEKLA structure or similar CAD programs
  • TEKLA is the leading design environment for civil construction around the world
  • Just by selecting the workpiece from TEKLA, the operator can import construction parameters into PEMA WeldControl 400 Integro
  • The welding of the sub assembly can be programmed with just a few clicks
  • Auto generated robot welding tasks

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