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Welding Solutions

Welding Solutions

Automated welding solutions from Pema are specially designed for heavy steel welding industries. Pema automated solutions range from a single equipment to complete production lines.

PEMA welding automation solution and tailor-made machine combination are adjusted for your workshop needs from a large variety of modular concepts. Carefully tested and proven manufacturing processes are fully integrated into out specific solutions. Integration of our advanced control systems and machine building skills in welding equipment and process know-how creates an ultimate combination which radically improves your welding fabrication productivity.  

Modular product ranges give a solid basis to our flexible customer oriented concept design, from a small scale welding cell to a massive production line solution. The targeted productivity always depends on actual workshops capacity needs and requirements. An investment in welding solutions needs to be made just for the purpose to utilize a high utilization ratio.

Welding Automation Facts

  • Solutions for heavy fabrication production
  • Complete deliveries including material handling and conveying systems
  • Forms complete welding automation cells with PEMA roller beds and positioners
  • User friendly and advanced PEMA WeldControl solutions
  • Profitability for small-scale production
  • Commissioning, training and modernisation services

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