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Robotics Helpdesk

Robotics Helpdesk

PEMA Robotics Helpdesk

The Robotics Helpdesk provides online help in all robotic questions arising from Pema welding and production automation during assembly, production or maintenance. The service includes:

  • Online support in robotic problem cases
  • Communication (telephone, e-mail and Skype/Team Viewer)
  • Service provided by a trained robotics expert team

To guarantee the best and fastest possible support, a remote connection for robotic support purposes is recommended to be established according to Pema specifications.

Flexible service hours:

This unique service is offered against an extra agreement to Pema customers. For further information, please contact:

Mr. Matti Lahtinen
Customer Service Manager
tel. +358 10 501 61


Service Hours

08:00 - 20:00 GMT +2:00

Monday - Friday

  • Every working day
  • 24 h response time
  • Using intelligent media tools
  • Unique service
  • Special agreement