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Full Service Support

Full Service Support

Make the Most out of Your Investment

Service Support Agreement combines all our services into a easy and carefree single agreement package. By taking value of the contract you ensure minimized downtime and cost-effective preventive repairing. Maintenance performed by PEMA's professionals prevents unexpected damages and interruptions. 

Complete Inclusive PEMA Service Support Agreement

Software Support

Support service for software products include services for PEMA software products. These services consist of software and technical support, knowledge network management, equipment register and follow-up.

Maintenance Support Services

Maintenance support services are based on manufacturer's machinespecific maintenance instructions and program. PEMA Maintenance support services consist of operational services, scheduled services and service inspections.

Repair Services

 Repair services (repairing and emergency) for mechanical, electrical and software repair needs.

Spare Part Services

Spare part services for spare and wear parts management, e.g. oarts availability control, phone support, documentation, logistics support and inventory control.

Engineering Services

Improving the operation, functions, features and further development of PEMA welding systems and products. Development services provide a channel to focus and control the efforts for equipment-related development.

Other Services

We provide you with an extra services according to your production development needs. Training services for production, operation and maintenance are always available by request. When the time comes, product up-grades, retrofits and product re-design services you can get from us.

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