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Yaskawa Motoman

Yaskawa Motoman

PEMA is the official System Partner of the world’s largest robot manufacturer, the Japanese YASKAWA Electric Corporation which operates under the well-known brand name MOTOMAN. Yaskawa maintains subsidiaries in nearly every European country, employs worldwide 14.000 people, in Europe over 1.000 robotics professionals and manufactures approximately 24.000 industrial robots every year. The co-operation increases PEMA’s ability to design and deliver its high technology welding automation solutions.

MOTOMAN robots are recognized for their reliability and durability. The standard product range for welding and work-piece handling consists of 3 - 800 kg robots. PEMA’s System Partner status is a clear demonstration of the company’s excellent global reputation. Yaskawa relies on PEMA’s engineering skills and its ability to provide flexible robotized solutions. This is how PEMA’s revolutionary welding production lines and stations complement the selection of world-leading robot manufacturer in a way that no other manufacturer can.

PEMA entered into a System Partner Agreement with Yaskawa Nordic AB in autumn 2008. The agreement defines the roles of both companies in delivering welding/cutting robot applications in Europe. PEMA concentrates on heavy applications including standard Motoman robots in its systems deliveries, and Yaskawa Nordic supplies their standard solutions where direct supply is considered to be the best choice.

Benefit from Pema-Yaskawa cooperation

Yaskawa coorporation has headquarters in Asia, Americas and Europe. Local subsidiaries and representatives guarantee that Yaskawa wide network works close also to Pema customers. Yaskawa has invested in global maintenance and service organization which enables end customers to have the same qualified support regardless on the location of the customer. Yaskawa takes local conditions into consideration and brings the service close to the customer. Additionally, a local training is available on request.

Globally operating Pemamek prioritizes continuous production of customers also when it comes to robotics.

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Yaskawa Motoman