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Customer Support

Customer Support

Pema Customer Support Helps You Make More

Our primary objective in all support functions is to minimize downtime and ensure optimal life cycle profitability of your investment. With preventive service and planned yearly maintenance you decrease your overall costs. Services are supplied for all stages of the production and welding automation process and for all workpiece handling equipment.

Spare parts, maintenance services and full-scale production support is available from PEMA. Actually, our customer support starts at the project management phase. Our professional project management team guarantees smooth coordination between you and all parties involved in the project. PEMA site services with installation supervision and testing save assembly time and integrate the final set-up into your existing systems.

PEMA maintenance and spare parts services ensure that production runs continuously without any downtime. You can choose from a wide variety of standardized and tailored services. For example, changing from traditional maintenance to scheduled preventive operations means optimized profit over the life cycle of the investment.

Every industry faces increasing demands for cost-effectiveness. Outsourcing functions that are outside the core business offers an effective way to reduce costs. PEMA's professional maintenance services provides savings in material, labor and energy costs.

From Project Management to Life Cycle Support