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TBWES - Manufacturing automation for power station boilers

TBWES - Manufacturing automation for power station boilers

Improved productivity for megaprojects in India’s energy production

Founded in March 2010, TBWES is a joint venture company between Thermax Ltd and Babcock & Wilcox Power Generation Group Inc. (B&W PGG). Thermax is an Indian supplier of energy and environmental solutions and B&W PGG, an operating unit of Babcock & Wilcox Company (B&W) from the USA, is the world’s leading manufacturer of the power generation industry.

TBWES designs, manufactures and delivers super- and subcritical power station boilers of more than 300 MW to the growing Indian power generation market. The company combines Thermax’s expertise in the integration of energy and environmental solutions and B&W’s renowned experience as a supplier of state-of-the-art power generation technology and a world-class project management specialist.

Five production lines to India

In spring 2011, PEMA concluded a contract for the design, manufacture and delivery to TBWES of a membrane wall-panel production line and four tube prefabrication lines. The lines will be used for the manufacture of components for supercritical power boilers in a new production plant in Pune, India. At present, the plant’s annual boiler production covers the needs of about 3,000 MW of power generation capacity. The lines were delivered at the end of 2011.

- In the production of supercritical boilers, there is absolutely no room to compromise on quality, says Rajeev Sondur of TBWES. ‘It must therefore be built into the production process. In PEMA panel lines, this is how things are: the need for opera- tor training is small, and the process controls all operations from the integrated handling of material flows to the dispatch of the completed panels. The entire process needs only one operator at a time.

The line includes two PEMA 3000/6 membrane wall panel welding stations, which can weld 25m long and up to 3m wide membrane wall panels with 12 sets of Lincoln Electric PowerWave AC/DC 1000 A SD submerged arc welding equipment. The line includes complete panel transportation tracks, a fin-bar calibrating line, an automatic tube and fin-bar feeding system for feeding bars to the panel line for welding between the tubes, and the required buffer stores for sub-panels.

The panel transportation track is able to perform all panel-handling tasks: it includes in- and out-feeding roller conveyors for two welding machines, cross-transport conveyors for panel sideways movement and buffer stor- age, and hydraulic flip-over arms for the panels for welding on the other side.

Thermax already have three PEMA panel lines in other production plants. The first of these was commissioned in 2004.

- In tests that we have just concluded, we achieved 30% greater speed