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Welding & Cutting Processes

Welding & Cutting Processes

Efficient Welding and Cutting Automation Processes

Requirements for flexible production, higher welding output and end-product quality create challenges on the preparation of blanks and preforms. We have the knowledge and know-how on different welding and cutting processes, just the ones that suits your production better.

Wide Range of Welding Processes

We are able to provide high-capacity, top-quality welding solutions in MIG/MAG and Tandem MIG, single and Tandem SAW, laser hybrid-MIG, high-power lasers with fiber power transfer, plasma and TIG processes (e.g. tube welding with TIG). Heavy duty SAW welding with a robot or automated Tandem or Triple arc SAW welding with Column and Boom are available for steel plate constructions or tubular parts, both longitudinal and circumferential welding are supported.

Integration to PEMA WeldControl system and an electromechanical or laser line based optical seam tracking ensures high welding quality. Our welding robot solutions have through arc or optical sensing and tracking functions available.

Thermal Cutting Processes

PEMA’s thermal cutting solutions include robotized plasma and laser cutting processes. In most mobile machinery applications, the high-quality laser cutting process is used for weld preparation of blanks and subassemblies.

In plasma cutting, inert gas is blown at high speed out of a nozzle and as an electrical arc is simultaneously formed through that gas to the surface being cut, some of the gas turns to plasma. The plasma melts the metal being cut and blows molten metal away from the cut.

In laser cutting, output of a high-power laser is directed at the cut material. The material either melts, burns, vaporizes away, or is blown away by a jet of gas, leaving an edge with a high-quality surface finish.

Full-scale Process Testing Ensures Smooth Production Start-up

We have comprehensive testing facilities in our modern factory for process evaluations and full-scale part testing of manufactured production lines and welding stations.

Furthermore, PEMA offers welding process development and research services to optimize the productivity and quality of customers’ manufacturing processes.

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