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Project Management

Project Management

Understanding your products and processes is at the heart of PEMA´s knowledge. By combining your own unique business characteristics and PEMA´s expertise on production processes, you can reach a decisive advantage on your markets.

We provide economically justified solutions especially suited for small batch and one-of-a-kind production. We do this is using the correct level of automation and PEMA´s own software products, which allow unsurpassed, user-friendly ways to generate the required programs for automated production equipment.

We support you in reaching your goal to achieve operational excellence by means of lean production methodologies. Analyzing the value stream and optimizing production processes, eliminating or shortening the non-value added work and providing tools for online quality control and production monitoring are key elements among PEMA´s activities.

We use high-level automation and robotics with cutting-edge, re-programmable controllers and process-monitoring systems. A strategic choice of technology allows PEMA´s solutions to support the competitiveness by providing more quality, flexibility and speed.

Our Range of Solutions

With PEMA, you get all the project resources and solutions from one supplier without needing to compromise with different vendors. We are able to offer you production system and factory planning services right from the beginning of your project. PEMA in-house services include R&D, solution engineering, construction of the equipment, installation at your site, commissioning, operator training and, of course, after sales services such as maintenance, spare parts packages and user and technology support.

Tailored Solutions According to Production Strategy and Layout

Our engineers design customer-specific solutions for you. Designs include functional layouts such as product-oriented layouts, cell-based layouts, fixed-position manufacturing and process-oriented layouts.


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