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Welding Automation by PEMA

Welding Automation by PEMA

To be one step ahead of your competitors, rethink your production capabilities with the support of PEMA specialists.

The Roadmap Towards Successful Investment Decisions

Success in revamping your production starts with defining a manufacturing strategy that supports the business strategy of your company. You need to define production concept and decide on the winning cost/produced unit ratio. We at PEMA can help you to define technical solutions and choose welding automation equipment for your production concept.

The key target for improving productivity is maximizing output and minimizing the input parameters. Within PEMA welding automation solutions, these are realized, for example, by considering the following aspects:

Operator-Friendly User Interface

PEMA's welding automation solutions are hi-tech, but very simple and easy to use. PEMA's operation interface favors the use of numbers and symbols, which makes the system quick and easy to adopt. There is an intuitive menu system that is tailor-made for each case, if required. The large touchscreen is specifically designed to be used with gloves on. PEMA's operator-friendly user interface eliminates NVA work and minimizes the possibility of human errors.

Optimized Process Parameters in Welding

In welding, using optimized process parameters result in higher deposit rates and/or higher arc-on time ratio.

More Efficient Production Scheduling

The key function in production scheduling is to standardize work cycle times and be able to identify and know them. This is made possible for production planners thanks to the elimination of NVA times. There is also an optimized WIP in the PEMA welding automation system. Optimized parameters lower the costs of shop floor management and supervision.

Stable Quality with Automation

When welding thick materials in the heavy engineering industry, stable quality is a must. PEMA automation repeats the pre-set process parameters time after time, without errors. You can also get constant, on-line parameter monitoring with PEMA welding automation solutions. If the parameter fall out of the tolerance range, production can be stopped immediately, and no defects will slip through the system. You will see a reduction in quality costs in the form of lower inspection and repair work costs with PEMA welding automation.

Improvements to Safety Overall

Your company wants to provide a safe working environment for its workers. PEMA's solutions are equipped to encounter fumes, noise, open arc, sparks and hazards associated with lifting and moving heavy workpieces. Safety in the workplace is raised to a new level with production and welding automation.

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