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Robotic Welding Systems

Robotic Welding Systems

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PEMA in Manufacturing Operations Chain

Large Working Areas for Robots

Articulated standard industrial robots can be used for the process tasks, but their reachability is relatively limited.

When considering process demands such as welding positions, the feasability of a stand-alone robot can be compromised with any medium- or large-size workpieces. To overcome this limitation and in order to provide large working envelopes for the robots, PEMA's offering consists of several types of peripheral components.

Typical PEMA Solutions for Robot Peripherals:

  • Gantry (half portal) with one to three linear axis
  • Full portal: with one to three linear axis
  • Column and boom with one to three linear axis and/or one rotation axis for tracks

In addition to extended reachability the peripheral equipment allows the robot to use several different workstations, all equipped with their own workpiece positioners, as well as use of additional robots on the same area.

Workpiece Handling Equipment

One of the PEMA's distinguishing advantages is that everything is available from one supplier: design, manufacturing and delivery of handling equipment for large and heavy workpieces.

A standard range of workpiece positioners are available for quick delivery: workloads go up to 35 tons in two axis manipulators and up to 40 tons in one axis manipulators.

However, if no standard manipulator type is suitable for the task, an engineered solution can be provided so that for example workloads up to 250 tons, for example, can be handled.

  • Typical achieved automation rate in welding from 60 to 95%
  • Deposit rates up to 9 kg per automatic program running hour with only one MIG/MAG torch
  • Systems can be utilized 24/7 and 8760 hours per year.

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