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Robotic Welding

Robotic Welding

Robotized welding stations in automated welding

PEMA robotized welding stations and production lines are designed for use in extra heavy duty production environment. Compared with lighter applications, this starts a new era in robot welding automation.

More flexibility to production with robotic welding

No matter what types of metal structures are manufactured, their structural integrity will certainly depend on welding quality. PEMA’s flexible robot systems provenly raise end-product dependability and reliability as well as product end-user satisfaction.

Due to increased manufacturing flexibility, PEMA’s NC and PLC controlled integrated, flexible manufacturing systems and flexible manufacturing units produce high levels of profitability in one-off, small-series and product family-based production. They include robotized welding stations, automated and robotized welding production lines, and material- and work-piece handling equipment.

Further and faster with robotic welding

PEMA is a trusted partner for engineering and manufacturing industries. Among the major manufacturers, reception of PEMA’s robotized welding stations has been positive. In the tightening competition, there’s a constant need to accelerate production through-put times. Among other benefits, robotized welding has proven to be faster and more productive than manual welding, and also results in savings on material costs. Drawing from its long experience in heavy engineering automation and co-operation with Motoman, PEMA’s strong know-how in welding, robotics and automation will take manufacturing productivity to new heights. In co-operation with its customers, PEMA has unparalleled ability to develop solutions to handle large, heavy parts while ensuring the top welding quality and exceptionally high arc-time.

Robotic Welding Facts
  • Solutions for heavy engineering production
  • Complete deliveries including material handling and conveying systems
  • Effective programming solutions such as PEMA Vision System and off-line
  • Profitability for small-scale production
  • Commissioning, training and modernisation services
  • PEMA is a Yaskawa Motoman System Partner

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