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PEMA WeldControl

PEMA WeldControl

Advanced Control Systems PEMA WeldControl Product Series 

PEMA WeldControl systems free you from the complexity of different controllers by providing a simple, one-panel control system. The WeldControl has three levels of operation and provides the right controls for every user - from operator, welding engineer and service up to a real management tool. 

PEMA WeldControl is an efficient user interface for integrated machine and welding process control. You can integrate all power systems to a single system. All basic functions can be ready programmed at start-up, which limits the risk of human error. It facilitates integration of your production systems and is easy to learn. It provides guaranteed extended performance with all technologies. Regardless of your level of automation, integration is possible with different PEMA products.

With WeldControl 100 and 500 you'll receive a true management tool. Production monitoring for engineering departments and data collection provide you with valuable information for production management with regard to efficiency and development. Weld work tracking is also a good tool for quality control.

Renewed PEMA control devices and graphical user interfaces are used in all PEMA welding applications. The innovative touchscreen control panels help users to make the most out of the automatic welding features, such as column and booms, and boost the efficiency of both the welding process and the handling of workpieces.










PEMA WeldControl series
PEMA WeldControl 100
for automated and mechanised
welding applications
PEMA WeldControl 500 Adaptive
for automated, adaptive
welding applications
PEMA WeldControl 200 Vision
for robotised welding applications
with patented PEMA Vision system
PEMA WeldControl 300 Offline
for robot off-line programming
PEMA WeldControl 400 Integro
for automated off-line programming
with TEKLA integration
PEMA CutControl 600
robotized profile cutting solution


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