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Lehtonen Group to modernize its production with two PEMA robot welding stations

19 April 2017
Pemamek has been awarded with contracts to design, supply and install hi-tech PEMA robotized welding stations to two of Lehtonen Group’s business locations, to Lehtosen Konepaja Oy and its subsidiary Siirtoruuvi Oy.


 Lehtonen Group Photo by Lehtonen Group


More competitiveness

The Finnish Lehtonen Group, a leader in mechanical engineering in heavy metal industry, is specialized in supplying tailored metal structures for a wide range of segments, such as energy and marine industry. The production includes complex and varying workpieces. The enterprise has overall three business units; Lehtosen Konepaja, Lehtonen Engineering and Siirtoruuvi.

The freshly inked investments will increase Lehtonen Group’s global competitiveness as the robotized solutions significantly improve production efficiency and quality. Additionally, Pemamek’s automated solutions decrease the need of manual welding and at the same time increase safety and ergonomics.

-Our manufacturing processes require a lot of welding hours. If we want to maintain our competitiveness in the global markets, we need to be in the frontline with our machinery. This is why we have invested in the most advanced and efficient robot welding technology, tells Erkki Lehtonen, CEO, Lehtonen Group.


Two robot welding stations

To Lehtosen Konepaja Pemamek will supply PEMA robotized welding station with parametric PEMA WeldControl 300 OFFLINE software. The parametric feature guarantees rapid re-programming of the robot and so production of one-off products will become efficient. The station consists of robot portal with one Yaskawa robot, 3-axis PEMA Skyhook 5000 positioner, 2-axis PEMA 20000 Skyhook and its counterpart that together enable 40,000kg handling capacity. The robot station is controlled by PEMA CellControl 700 which in addition to controlling provides crucial real-time data from the welding processes.

Another PEMA robot welding station will be delivered to Lehtonen Group’s subsidiary, Siirtoruuvi Oy, which focuses on designing and manufacturing of screw conveyors and screw pumps. The delivery includes PEMA robot welding station that instead of portal will be implemented as floor track construction. The station also has PEMA WeldControl 300 OFFLINE software and PEMA CellControl 700. Additionally, for handling the station includes PEMA HPS Headstock and PEMA TPS Tailstock which together enable 10,000kg capacity.

The solutions are scheduled to be delivered in the summer 2017 and fully installed by the fall 2017.


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