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FCAG Seminar and Grand Opening of the new expansion

8 May 2017
On the 20th of April, Pemamek Ltd. hosted a seminar on Future Competitiveness and Growth for 80 guests from 14 different countries. The seminar was followed by the official celebration of Pemamek’s newly-finished factory expansion.



FCAG - Seminar for competitiveness and growth

The Future Competitiveness & Growth seminar was a great success with its influential keynote speakers and wide range of topics.

The core idea of the seminar was to show how a company can improve its competitiveness and achieve growth by investing in production automation. Additionally, the possibilities of digitalization in heavy welding solutions were introduced.

Pekka Heikonen, Chairman of the board of Pemamek, in the seminar kick-off.


Pemamek's CEO, Jaakko Heikonen.


As the first keynote speaker, Pemamek CEO Jaakko Heikonen shared his views on how to add value into the heavy welding process with highly automated solutions. He was followed by speakers such as Steven R Sumner (VP, Global Equipment) from Lincoln Electric and Jukka Paasonen (VP, Technology & Quality) from Konecranes.

“We met a lot of potential customers who had known about us but who had never actually visited our factory,” said Jaakko Heikonen. “We find it important that people come and visit us, because you really need to see our equipment and know-how with your own eyes.”

Among the 80 guests there were people from as many as 14 different countries, including Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the United States. Many of the guests were decision-makers representing the shipbuilding and wind power industries. Thanks to the seminar’s success, Pemamek is sure to host similar events in the future as well.


The seminar guests heard about the most modern welding innovations from Lincoln Electric's Vice President of Global Equipment, Steven R. Sumner.


Jukka Rantala, Vice President of Pemamek, presented intelligent shipbuilding solutions for smart manufacturing.


Head coach of the Finnish national basketball team, Henrik Dettmann, explains how to win the game in leadership and business.


Grand Opening of the Factory Expansion

The seminar was followed by the official grand opening of Pemamek’s new factory expansion, completed earlier this year. In his speech, Technology Industries of Finland CEO Jorma Turunen said that Finland needs more companies like Pemamek.

“When Pemamek grows, other companies and the entire community around it benefits as well,” he said. “Finland’s economy can grow only when such export-oriented companies flourish.”


Jorma Turunen, CEO of Technology Industries of Finland, giving the opening speech.


Official inauguration of the remarkable factory expansion.


Completed in schedule in early 2017, the 6,000 m2 factory expansion is part of Pemamek’s new strategy aiming for strong growth. It is also stated in the strategy that Pemamek is determined to keep both its production and R&D in one place: Loimaa, Finland.

We are in a special line of business, our work is mostly project-based and our solutions tailored to suit the individual needs of each client,” Heikonen pointed out. “That’s why the best way for us to do business is to keep all the know-how under one roof.”

Additionally, the city of Loimaa has been an excellent partner.

“Loimaa is an ideal location for a dynamic family company capable of making significant investment decisions with short notice,” Heikonen states.