Make More with Welding Automation
  • Make More with PEMA Welding Automation
    With automated welding and cutting solutions from PEMA you get more productivity, more competitiveness and more return on investment.
  • More Productivity with Automated Welding
    In fabrication of boiler panels there is no room to compromise on quality – you succees with PEMA tube prefabrication, fin-bar and panel welding lines.
  • Welding and Cutting Solutions
    PEMA welding and production solutions for material handling and cleaning, edge preparation, marking of welds and assembly stations.
  • PEMA welding column and booms, roller beds, positioners and welding stations are designed for faster welding and better ergonomics.
    Welding in Heavy Fabrication
  • Robotized Welding Processes
    Robotic welding stations of PEMA are designed for heavy performance in steel fabrication and welding.
PEMA Automated welding and production solutions offer you more output and uniform quality with different welding methods (TIG, MAG, laser, hybrid, etc.). Rethinking production capabilities from productive point of view gives you better position in welding and cutting markets. The time to start with welding automation is now.


23 May 2016 AWEA Wind Power
6 Sep 2016 SMM Hamburg 2016
27 Sep 2016 WindEnergy Hamburg 2016
Our objective is to minimize downtime and ensure optimal life cycle profitability of your investment


Fincantieri and its Monfalcone Shipyard decided to continue with a well-tried Pema welding automation technology in shipyard’s production lines.